Connect Vezér to CoGe with OSC

Posted on: July 27th, 2013 by .lov.

vezer-logoHowdy? As you probably already noticed, my new toy, Vezér has been released. If you never heard about Vezér, you definitely need to take a look into – its a timeline and control software.

I just made this little video demonstration about how to connect Vezér to CoGe via OSC, and animate some parameters of a cool Quartz Composer file created by Minuek. Check it out:

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  1. decaynews says:

    ..great timecontrol…something i was searching for..maybe i have to get this ;-)….works fine!!!

  2. golem says:

    Hi Tamas this was in the top of my wish list, sounds so great to have this timeline for Coge. I just did my first try but i couldn’t get it work. When i try to select the Output in the Vezér track Coge is not in the list automatically as you mention. Most of my preferences are by default, I’ve played OSC output prefs in Coge from manual to Vezér OSC1 and Sending from Manual to Talkback but Coge is still not in the list. Any idea? can you point me out here?

    • golem says:

      Done! After a few restarts in both apps it works in Manual OSC mode Coge prefs. Super nice!

      • .lov. says:

        Maybe there was an issue with the ports – I fixed a bug which produced something like this in the latest 1.0.4 release.

        BTW, Vezér does not do anything with talkback 😉

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